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Pozvánka na European Event of the Year 2014

Pozvánka na European Event of the Year 2014Akce se koná od 21. do 24. srpna 2014 v Dánsku.

Dear MG friends.

I send you this mail because you have earlier showed interest to join the European Event of the Year. In 2014 it takes place in Denmark.

Registration starts 1. of December, and we have opened for 250 cars. If you apply in December there is pre allocated a number of cars pr country, regarding the number of MG members in each country. It’s “first to come” in December for the different countries. From 1. of January 2014 the remaining entries are allocated as “first to come” in the order we have received the applications from 1. of December. So – make up your mind and be ready to applicate from December first.

When your application is accepted we send you information about payment and how to book the hotel.

More information
On our website www.mgklub.dk you will find all the information you need in English, just press the EEOTY advertisement placed on the right side of the site. Here you can download the full program for the event.

Price. The entrance fee for the Event includes about everything you need from you arrive to you leave. All meals, at least one drink for all meals, gala dinner with free wine, dance orchestra, entries, pack of goodies for each car etc. Have that in mind when you think of joining the event. Accommodation is possible at the hotel, a nearside camping site, or Youth hostel, and is booked/paid besides the entrance fee for the event

I hope to see you to this great event, which takes place at the beautiful island of Fyen – in the middle of Denmark and say hello to H. C. Andersen.

Lars Thousig
Chairman of MG Car Club Danish Centre

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